Thai Breeze
Thai Breeze
Thai Breeze


Thai Breeze


This fragrance will take you on a journey to a hot summer day in Thailand. The majority of the ingredients used in this blend are Thai origin and encapsulate some of the most beautiful rare florals and animalics into a special blend. The Blue Lotus, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani, Vetiver, and Civet. This fragrance starts off with a blast of Blue Lotus, Civet, a touch of White Ambergris, and most importantly top note fractioned Wild Papuan Oud. While there is Lime on the top notes its meant to promote the Civets veracity. The Civet used in this blend is super clean in scent and could be worn clean on its own. It has its own floral medley all on its own! The Wild Papuan Oud brings a gorgeous clean woodsy note to the top. As you dive further into the scent youre met with a fruity floral blend of Ylang Ylang, Frangipani, and Gardenia. The Ylang Ylang is some of the nicest Ive come across. Towards the dry down the Orris co2 starts to shine along with resinous labdanum. Together they add a powdery sweetness to the composition to wrap it all up! Finally, Hinoki and Ho wood uplift and push the scent to make it more diffusive and leave a gorgeous scent trail. read more

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Wild Papuan Oud, Blue Lotus Thai, Civet Thai, Lime, White Ambergris, Ho Wood

Ylang Ylang Thai, Frangipani Thai, Gardenia, Rose Gallic, Vetiver

Orris, Labdanum, Hinoki, Indo Sandalwood Shavings


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