ASH v2
ASH v2
ASH v2
ASH v2


ASH v2


Ash is a unique release for Lost Tribe being that it contains virtually no florals in the composition. It begins with a blast of black pepper, jack pine, bergamot and my personal favorite smoke! The smoke in this composition is the star of the show. Bringing to life a surreal scent of burning wood. The heart notes consist of a medley of woods, Buddha wood, Siam wood, and Nootka. While the first two display a classic woodiness the Nootka is unique with its freshly sharpened pencil aroma that stays present throughout the wear. Into the dry down the vetiver and frankincense start to shine completing this forest fire of a composition. Finally there is a one of a kind tincture in the base a tincture of bakhoor from Sultan Qaboos. The bakhoor lifts Ash and adds a freshness to the entire blend. read more

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Size: 15ml

Choya Ral, Jack Pine, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Brown Ambergris

Siam Wood, Buddha Wood, Yakusugi Wood, Lavender, Nootka

Chinese Oud / Malaysian Oud, Vetiver, Frankincense, Mitti Attar, Bakhoor Sultan, Indonesian Sandalwood


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