Berry Patch
Berry Patch
Berry Patch
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Berry Patch


For the first release of our newly designed bottles as well as part of the black meat mysore series I would like to present you to Berry Patch. A strawberry scented gorgeous berry delight! The scent transports me to the past growing up on Long Island visiting farms in the summer time and picking the berries straight off the vine. It opens up with a fruity blast of freshly ripened strawberries with every floral coming in to support that berry scent. One floral in specific really which really helped to propel this berry scent is the nigella with notes of apples and white grapes. For this release I stuck with mostly enfleurage extractions for all the florals helping to lift the scent to create a gorgeous scent bubble. The bend contains lily, tuberose, clerodendrum, jasmine, heliotrope, honeysuckle, and rose enfleurage. After the Opening the strawberry note floats a little more into the background and a beautiful airy woodsy scent takes center stage. This gorgeous airy woodsy scent is brought on by none other than the gorgeous jade wood, a super green wood smell almost like smelling the color green itself. Finally the lead supporting actor of the blend is Very Berry Thai Cherry Oud from Olefaktory. I used this oud generously while creating this blend hence the high price point of this release. Each bottle has just about 1g of this oud inside. This oud helps to support the berry aspect of the blend all the way down into the base a truly unique fruity oud and for those who have tried it clean know how truly special it is. This release surpasses my next highest cost per bottle by miles. While any sane person would charge well over $500 for this 15ml I offer it to you with its floral bouquet necklace at $295 bottle. There will only be 15 bottles available for this batch. read more

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Strawberry, White Ambergris

Nigella Abs, Lily Enf, Tuberose Enf, Clerodendrum Enf, Jasmine Enf, Heliotrope Enf, Honeysuckle Enf, Rose Enf

Very Berry Thai Cherry Oud, Black Meat Mysore, Jade Wood, Ginger


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