Blue is often associated with calmness, serenity, and tranquility. It has a soothing effect on the mind and can evoke feelings of relaxation and peace. Biologically blue is associated with clean skies, clean water, and life. We can dive even a little deeper and notice how hands down all the best candy is blue in color and that is not an opinion. read more

With this release i wanted to imitate the joy of experiencing that blue hard candy. The one you were saving for the end of the pack because of course best for last. That slightly sweet slightly sour delight. However, unlike candy there is nothing artificial in here!

For the opening of BLU a floral blend was created to copy a candied “blue” fruit. Its not cloying or too sweet what so ever but perfectly balanced by a sharp sour Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot. There is also a copious amount of Civet that can be smelled through out from top to base.

As you venture to the Heart of the blend that high pitched sour note starts to slowly fade just as it would with the top coating of the candy. The fruit blend begins to expand with the beautiful scent of Neroli, Tuscan Orris, and Geranium. All the florals used together in harmony create that blue raspberry / blue candy scent that we know and love.

Down into the base the Wild Meroke Oud and civet take control. The Meroke Oud has a nice metallic oceanic profile. This is a special distillation differing from a lot of others from the same region, where as most of them usually have a slightly smokey vibe this does not. Clean beautifully distilled Oud.

We used an abundant amount of civet in this blend which helps to pronounce and develop the florals. During the filtration process a tiny amount of filtered civet was left at the bottom that dances along as you move the bottle. Once shaken the civet fully blends and disappears adding a nice visual interaction for you to enjoy!

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White Ambergris, Rose Otto, Grapefruit Italy, Bergamot, Aglaia, Boronia

Gardenia, Ylang ylang, Neroli, Rhododendron, Geranium, Tuscan Orris, Magnolia, Osmanthus

Civet, Indonesian Sandalwood, Labdanum, Jasmine Sambac, Vanilla, Frankincense, Cedar, Royal Meroke Wild Oud


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