This is a very special release in celebration of my first born baby. The scent is gorgeous in short a soapy clean barbershop fragrance with an insane amount of oud but not any kind of oud super expensive wild harvested including Cambodian, Sri Lankan, and Borneo ouds. All of the highest caliber distilled by one of the best Olefaktory! Not only is the oud of top standards but so is every other ingredient used in this blend: Black Meat Mysore, Civet, White Ambergris, Sultan Qaboos Musk, and all the florals! This fragrance is super easy to use in any occasion but I like to save my personal bottle for those special ones. The opening hits with a touch of mint, a pinch of civet, my own barbershop blend, some beautiful and clean White Ambergris and some of the highest quality bergamot distilled. Creating a soapy freshly showered scent its truly divine. The mid continues with lavender, rose otto, ylang ylang for a touch of fresh powder, and white ginger lily each ingredient complimenting the next to create unity. The base notes are truly limited and one of a kind. Black Meat Mysore Sandalwood some of the hardest to obtain as well as some of the hardest to distill. It comes in as dense as a stone and it is incredibly straining to break it down for distillation. Its valued for the quality of resin and oil that can be produced as well as its scent profile. There is also Sultan Qaboos wet musk maceration, oakmoss, cedar, and petitgrain. read more

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Mint, Civet, Barbershop Blend, White Ambergris, Rose Otto, Bergamot

White Ginger Lily, Lavender, Blue Lotus, Ylang Ylang

Black Meat Mysore, Cambodian Wild Oud, Borneo Wild Oud, Sri Lankan Wild Oud, Sultan, Qaboos Musk, Oakmoss, Cedar


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