What happens when you combine some of the best ingredients this earth has to offer? You're left with a fiber of Eden. If you've taken a dip into some Wild Ouds let me submerge you with this ode to oud. Instead of a swipe you can now dowse yourself all over. With just under 4g of Oud in each bottle, about 87.5% of the blend, Fiber will cover you head to toe with the finest artisanal distilled ouds from Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia. read more

Malaysian Oud has a gorgeous spiced cola scent, unmatched to others I've smelled before its light but deep and begging you to smell it more. The Thai Oud adds a dark resinous almost leathery quality boldening the blend. Cambodian oud has a slightly salty dried aged fruit note that's just dripping in delight.

I chose these regions specifically because of the way they complement and enhance each other. The projection and longevity has been calculated with the different regions acting as their own top, mid, and base notes. 

But wait don't forget with Lost Tribe there is always more! we added only the best sandalwood to have ever been distilled, Black Meat Sandalwood! This sandalwood is produced from the heartwood of very very old trees so old that the heartwood turns black from the oil content. It so dense that feels like a stone when in hand so you can imagine how difficult it was to breakdown into a powder for distillation.

Cant forget the animalics! Since this is such a rich blend we could only use the highest quality; White Ambergris and Sweet Mongolian Musk. White Ambergris is the bleached from the sun when floating on the ocean before hitting shore. Sweet Mongolian is a rare pod that as its name describes has a sweet musky scent. All these ingredients combine into your own personal slice of heaven in a bottle.

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Black Meat Santal, Sweet Mongolian Musk, White Ambergris, Thai Oud, Malaysian Oud, Cambodian Oud


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