Night Bloom


Night Bloom


Imagine wandering through a moonlit garden, where the air is suffused with the heady aroma of jasmine. The scent is elusive yet captivating, dancing on the breeze like a secret. It carries with it notes of honeyed sweetness, reminiscent of warm summer nights and whispered promises. read more

The scent of night-blooming jasmine is a bewitching symphony of floral sweetness with a hint of mystery, bestowing the darkness with an enchanting allure. As dusk descends and the world settles into its nocturnal rhythm, these delicate blossoms unfurl, releasing their intoxicating fragrance into the cool night air. Its floral notes mingle with a subtle undertone of greenery, adding depth and complexity to its bouquet. Close your eyes, and you can almost feel the soft petals brushing against your skin, inviting you to lose yourself in the magic of the night.

But there's more to this scent than mere beauty. There's a sense of mystery woven into its perfume, a hint of the unknown that lingers in the air like a tantalizing invitation. It's the scent of secrets whispered beneath the stars, of dreams taking flight in the darkness.
Inhaling the fragrance of night-blooming jasmine is like stepping into a fairy tale, where every breath is infused with the promise of enchantment. It's a scent that transcends time and place, casting its spell on all who encounter it and leaving them longing for more. It only makes sense that this precious oil was distilled for royalty, Sultan Qaboos of Oman.
As we delve deeper into the scent we are met with the absolute best Iris butter I have ever tried. This Iris was aged to perfection before being distilled which pronounces that beautiful powdery lipstick scent. The plant was left alone in the soil for a few years allowing its rhizomes to fully develop and even then was left to age for a few years once it was dug out to increase that gorgeous powder note.

The scent of white ambergris is a sublime symphony of marine freshness and delicate warmth, a treasure from the depths of the ocean that captivates with its ethereal beauty. Imagine standing on a windswept coastline, the salty tang of the sea air mingling with the soft, powdery sweetness of ambergris. It evokes images of sun-drenched beaches and vast expanses of azure waters, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey unlike any other. It reveals layers of complexity and depth, each note unfolding like the petals of a rare flower.

We incorporated exclusively the finest sandalwood ever distilled: Black Meat Sandalwood! This particular sandalwood is derived from the heartwood of exceptionally ancient trees, so aged that the heartwood darkens to a rich black hue due to its high oil content. Its density is akin to that of stone, making the process of breaking it down into a powder for distillation an arduous task beyond imagination. It's been aging and macerating with rare Mongolian deer musk pods.

Lastly the scent of Malaysian oud is an intriguing fusion of exotic woods and sweet, effervescent notes, reminiscent of a familiar soda pop. Imagine opening a bottle of cola in the heart of a Malaysian forest, surrounded by towering agarwood trees. The air is infused with the rich, woody aroma of oud, mingling with the tantalizing sweetness of caramel and vanilla. Yet, there's something more to this scent—a subtle hint of citrus and spice that evokes the bubbly fizz of your favorite cola.

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Jade Wood, Gardenia, White Ambergris

Night Blooming Jasmine Sultan Qaboos, Iris Butter

Wild Malaysian Oud, Black Meat Sandalwood, Rare Sweet Mongolian Deer Musk

Night Blooming Jasmine


Jade Wood


White Ambergris

Rare Sweet Mongolian Deer Musk

Black Meat Sandalwood

Wild Malaysian Oud


4 Step Process

A little insight in the creation of Night Bloom

  • Step 1: Acquiring the Sultans Materials

    At one point these materials were readily available although they were not cheap. However recently they have vanished and have become even more expensive. When I found and sampled this night blooming Jasmine it blew me away! Such a unique scent for a jasmine almost smells cold and wet. Much deeper and defined than its Sambac cousin.

  • Step 2: Complimenting the Night Blooming Jasmine

    I wanted to keep Jasmine the star of the show and as I said before it had a cold quality about it. Then I remembered a specific Iris I had purchased a long time ago that also had that cold quality to it. I've tried dozens of different Iris extractions, absolutes, co2, essential oils, 7% rhizomes 13% rhizomes … and none have held a torch to this. It is truly the Iris I have been searching for but had all along.

  • Step 3: Jade Wood & Gardenia

    Gardenia being a cousin of Jasmine was the perfect choice. Not the sweet fruity gardenia but the sharp sour bright Columbian Gardenia. Jade wood increases the Sillage and diffusivity of the fragrance as well as adding a slight woody touch.

  • Step 4: White Ambergris & Black Meat Santal

    Of course for this one of a kind release we had to use the best ingredients there is to offer so I went with White Ambergris given it is the most expensive variety and black meat sandalwood which is almost extinct because there are not many trees left that reach the proper age.

Our Ingredients

Night Blooming Jasmine

Has a fragrance that is intensely floral and somewhat intoxicating. This variety of jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum) is distinct because its flowers open at night, releasing a powerful aroma. The scent of night-blooming jasmine is heavy, lush, and heady, with a deep richness that fills the evening air. Unlike the slightly lighter and fresher scent of daytime jasmine varieties

Iris Butter

The scent of iris butter is deeply complex, with rich, powdery, and slightly woody floral notes. It has a creamy, earthy base that often carries hints of violet. The fragrance is subtle yet distinctly luxurious, with a lingering quality.

Jade Wood

An exotic wood that smells cool, light, and airy unlike other woods that are strong and dark. The scent of Jade wood offers a crisp, clean, and refreshingly woodsy aroma!

Black Meat Sandalwood

The scent of black meat sandalwood is deep, warm, and woody, with a profound earthiness and subtle notes of leather. It has a richer and more robust aroma compared to other types of sandalwood, which can be softer. The scent is also marked by a slight sweetness and has balsamic undertones that add to its complexity and depth.

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

Fact 1

Sultan Qaboos of Oman, who ruled from 1970 until his passing in 2020, was well-known for his passion for fine fragrances, among other luxuries. A fun and intriguing fact about his perfume collection is that it was reputed to be one of the most extensive and expensive in the world. Sultan Qaboos had a particular affinity for traditional Arabian perfumes, which often include rich ingredients like oud (agarwood), rose, frankincense, and musk.
His collection included bespoke fragrances created specifically for him by some of the world's leading perfumers. These custom scents were designed not only to reflect his personal taste but also to embody the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Oman. The Sultan's interest in perfumery was more than a personal indulgence; it also reflected his desire to promote Omani culture, including its famous frankincense, to the world.

Fact 2

A fun fact about the iris is that it's not just prized for its beauty and use in perfumery but also has a significant symbolic history. In ancient Greece, the iris was linked to the goddess Iris, who was considered the messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow. This connection is believed to be the reason why the flower was named "iris," which means "rainbow" in Greek, referring to the wide variety of colors these flowers can exhibit.
Moreover, the iris has been used historically as a royal symbol, particularly in France, where it is known as the "fleur-de-lis." The fleur-de-lis, or "lily flower," despite its name, has been associated with the iris and was adopted as the emblem of the French monarchy in the 12th century. It symbolizes purity, chastity, and the Holy Trinity, with its three petals, and has been a prominent heraldic symbol throughout European history.


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