Past & Present


Past & Present


The ingredients are all of very high quality from the rose to the oud. I got a chance to work with some materials that id never thought possible. Although the ingredient list is simple all of them are incredibly special. The name highlights the best of the past from Sultan Qaboos's secret stash, as well as, the best from the present the highest quality oud extraction. While I did add some fresh rose to boost performance and the top notes of the Bulgarian rose from Sultan Qaboos I kept the overall blend simple as to not dillute them out. If you haven't already tried Cambodi Essenza from Jinkoh Store its a wonderful sweet cambodian oud with hints of blue berries and sugar. The rose brings out an ethereal lychee citrus note that i have never smelled before. The dry and wet pods were also special in their own way, the dry has an incredible smell of a musk perfume on its own while the wet pod no longer had grains but instead a musk jam underneath the skin. Finally, the indonesian sandalwood and white ambergris bring the overall blend a whole new level. read more

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Bulgarian Rose from Sultan Qaboos, Turkish Rose otto, Bulgarian Rose absolute, White Ambergris, Dry & Wet(dirty) Musk from Sultan Qaboos, Cambodi Essenza Oud co2 from, Jinkoh Store, Indonesian Sandalwood


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