Roselli Room
Roselli Room


Roselli Room


This scent will take you back to those classic cigar clubs. Tanned leather seats and of course the beautiful scent of smoked tobacco in the air. This release contains nothing bright or sweet strictly bitter and dark which makes it unique to my other tobacco offerings. The tobacco dominates this scent from the opening all the way to dry down. The opening also has some Rose Otto to help lift some of the deep notes used allowing the fragrance to cast a beautiful scent bubble. Into the heart there is French oakwood adding a boozy whisky note, cedar wood, black tea, and chaya ral which adds that incredible smoke. The dry down is where the leather shines from the saffron and clean Hindi oud. I also used a special dark and resinous oud Malay Rose oud. A touch of nutmeg and a healthy dose of musk and sandalwood to wrap up this gorgeous release. read more

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Size: 15ml with Floral Cap

Black Ambergris, Tobacco, Rose Otto

French Oakwood, Cedar Wood, Cedar Moss, Black Tea, Chaya Ral

Saffron, Hindi Oud, Malay Rose Oud, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Siberian Musk


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