Ambition can be an amazing feat. mustering up the courage to dive into a new hobby or interest or better yet excelling in your current interest seems to be something of the past. Lack of motivation, self belief, and misinformation have cause many to be complacent in unhappy situations. read more

Threat was designed to be empowering and to embolden yourself to push that extra mile or work that extra hour to perfect your craft. To be that "Threat" to others around and to cause those that have become comfortable a new breath of competition. To take that chance that you have been putting off and turning it into a new reality for yourself.

There are those in their path to success and greatness that cover the path for others and worse yet use techniques for them to succeed and others to suffer. Threat is all about the healthy competitive nature that will push us all to greatness and make life better for everyone around.

Threat starts off with a blast of a bright woodsyness supported by bergamot, rose otto; while not adding their own scent rather just empowering the cedar to be able to be light and diffusive while most other cedars sit at the heart or base notes. But that is the only glimpse of light this scent has.

As you head into the heart it starts to become deep, dark, and rich. Civet blends with the cedar with a hefty dose of orris to create this gorgeous blend. The Port Cedar adds a slight mentholic note and the blue cypress deepens the cedars hold.

The blend so far would be incomplete without this magic from the base and which is why it has been delayed multiple times. The magic happens in the base. Sultan Qaboos Musk and one of my first mysore macerations exude that raw animalic nature of the scent. Turning this wooden tiger cub to the leader of the pack.

Last but certainly not least BLACK THAI OUD! A super rare extremely limited distillation that touches on kyara. Not only was this oud used but in excess of a gram per bottle! It adds an old gen full bodied dark tamarind like oud that is insanely addicting and completes this fantastic blend.

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Bergamot, Black Ambergris, Civet, Rose Otto

Port Oxford Cedar, Orris, Blue Lotus, Blue Cypress

Black Thai Wild Oud, Aged Mysore, Atlas Cedar, Sultan Qaboos Musk


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