Tropic Delight v2
Tropic Delight v2


Tropic Delight v2


Winter has come and New York City had its first snowfall last weekend and yet I'm already fanaticizing about a warm beach with a nice cold drink. The time has come for to warm our souls today I present to you Tropic Delight, a semi gourmand tropic vacation scent. This scent will transport you to paradise while enjoying the best that life has to offer. read more

The top surrounds you with yellow mandarin, brown ambergris, tonka, and coconut! Bringing those tropic fruits to the forefront. As the base comes to life the blend of hazelnut, tobacco, rose appetizes the glutton in us all! To paint the picture of the vacation of our dreams where we give into all of our inner desires. Slowly creeping in after the vanilla and massoia combination creates the most heavenly heavy cream. To wrap it all up we threw in some cardamom, Thai Oud, and one of my first Siberian musk/mysore macerations which started 8.12.22!

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Size: 15ml

Yellow Mandarin, Coconut, Brown Ambergris, Tonka Bean

Hazelnut, Tobacco, Rose

Thai Oud, Siberian Musk, Massoia Bark, Tobacco, Vanilla, Mysore


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