White Out


White Out


White Out is a blend I first made for myself just at the tail end of last year. I wanted something easy to wear, crowd pleasing (yes I know with naturals and animalics that can sometimes be hard to produce), as well as something that fits with any season. I chose Gardenia as the main note because to me it fits all those categories while still remaining unisex, clean, and fresh. The Colombian Gardenia was chosen for its sharp veracity while the Chinese Gardenia was used for its fruity sweet fruity aspects. The Magnolia Fits in perfectly to add a very very slight sweet white floral punch. The White Ginger Lily adds a damp, green, and freshness to the overall blend keeping the sweetness from the magnolia intact while also keeping the gardenia tamed. I went with White Ambergris for this blend to keep it light and airy as well as a Siberian Musk because I wanted to highlight the raw tartness from the gardenia. Last but certainly not least Wild Filipino Fruity Oud, while not only being super costly, this oud showcases facets of citrus and pineapple. White Out was created to show the pure essence of the Gardenia flower. Each note added highlights the structure of the flower from the Oud to the White Ginger Lily. While this may seem like a simple blend together these notes evolve into a deep ever so gorgeous composition. You can say it’s a ghalia gardenia or even a private blend or maybe even a signature scent and all of those would be true. White Out is very special to me and I hope you all like it as much as I do. read more

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