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Always Greener
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Always Greener


This world is filled with beauty but recently its been more important to know where to look for it. While social media has connected us all from all ends of the earth there are times when its best to leave it all behind and enjoy what we have, Our family & friends, our health, and this amazing Earth. read more

Always greener embodies beautiful grasslands and nature. It may not be the most scenic, or a coast line, but this grassland can still provide endless joy. As the name states this is a heavy green scent, specifically focusing on Vetiver.

While most vetivers have either a java or muddy scent structure this blend does not. The vetiver used is sharp and with each sniff it pierces your sinus. The initial blast your senses are hit with Hydro Vetiver, Rose Otto, Petigrain Water, Star Anise, Black Ambergris, and Frankincense which all add to the different aspects of the vetiver increasing its piercing effect. In the heart I focused more on different shades of green with jade wood, thyme, hinoki, and lime blossom. The base is rounded off with some sandalwood, Wild Sri Lankan Oud, Oud Trinity from Olefaktory, cedar moss, black tea, and patchouli. 

Hold on were not done yet! the whole carrier of this fragrance is Sultan Qaboos bakhoor tincture skyrocketing its concentration and completing this true masterpiece. For this reason, Always Greener is under the Unique tab, because this tincture will not be remade once its run out.

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Hydro Vetiver, Rose Otto, Petigrain Water, Star Anise, Black Ambergris, Frankincense

Jonquille, Cedar, Hinoki, Lime Blossom, Jade Wood, Thyme

Mysore Sandalwood, Siberian Musk, Wild Sri Lankan Oud, Oud Trinity, Cedar Moss, Black Tea, Patchouli


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