Night is an ode to the mystical allure of twilight, an exquisite fragrance that captures the delicate interplay of shadow and light as the world settles into velvety darkness. This scent is an intricate tapestry woven with threads of amber warmth, smoky whispers, and semi-sweet nuances, each note carefully chosen to evoke the serene and enigmatic essence of summer evenings under a starlit sky. read more

From the very first spritz, Night greets the senses with a sophisticated array of top notes. The crisp, herbal freshness of juniper blends seamlessly with the subtle spice of turmeric, offering an invigorating introduction that is both refreshing and grounding. Violet leaf and ocean pine introduce a verdant lushness, while mimosa adds a touch of delicate floral sweetness, setting the stage for a night filled with refined elegance and mysterious charm. A three-year aged ambergris tincture is intertwined throughout.

As the fragrance unfolds, its heart reveals a luxurious ambery floral arrangement led by Rose Gallica and Rose Damascus. These floral giants bloom under the cloak of night, releasing their rich, intoxicating scents into the cool air. Their deep, romantic allure is beautifully complemented by the exotic and creamy frangipani, while carnation injects a spicy, slightly peppery accent, adding a layer of complexity that captivates the senses. The tobacco accord infuses a rich, earthy depth, its smoky character mingling with the florals to create an intoxicating scent.

The true soul of Night, however, lies in its base notes—a profound blend of warmth, mystery, and sweetness. Siberian musk forms the foundation with its warm, animalistic undertones. The musk's profound depth is enriched by the smoky, mystical aroma of Pontianak oud and the soft, woody caress of Indonesian sandalwood. The robust character of cedar from Atlas, Virginia, and Texas adds a woodsy, enduring presence that anchors the fragrance, while labdanum, myrrh, and hydrocarboresine contribute their balsamic sweetness, enhancing the base with a touch of ancient, resinous gold.

Speaking of oud, each bottle contains 3 grams of it! "Semangat" is a sophisticated and bold oud oil, Aquilaria malaccensis, meticulously aged since 2005 and hailing from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. This exquisite scent embodies a complexity that is both unique and eminently refined, commanding the aura of "The Scent of a Samurai" with its formidable strength and depth. The fragrance gracefully matures on the skin, gradually unfurling into a heart of elegant, robust incense. Subtle smoky whispers echo the burning of Pontianak wood, while earthy and smooth balsamic tones weave through the composition. A delicate medicinal hint underpins the scent, enhancing its depth with a subtle resinous sweetness that evokes images of dried fruits dipped in sweet molasses. Natural damascenone amplifies the composition with its potent, fruity richness, enveloping the wearer in a semi-sweet, almost wine-like aroma that transcends the simple pleasure of scent. Each note invites you deeper into the night, where every moment is suspended in the magic of summer's shadow.

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Juniper, Violet Leaf, Turmeric, Mimosa, Brown Ambergris

Rose Gallica, Rose Damascus, Frangipani, Carnation, Hinoki, Ocean Pine, Tobacco Accord

Siberian Musk, Indonesian Sandalwood, Cedars (Atlas, Virginia, Texas), Hydrocarboresine, Hay, 2005 Wild Pontianak Oud, Natural Maltol, Labdanum, Myrrh, Natural Damascenone, Cedar Moss

2005 Wild Pontianak Oud





Siberian Musk

Brown Ambergris



Our Process

  • The story behind Day & Night

    Creating a scent is a difficult process. It takes creativity, dedication, a vision and the means and ability to execute them. It goes without saying that a lot of trial and error takes place during the process and a lot of beautiful, rare, and expensive material gets tossed out in the process. With all that in mind it's even more difficult to collaborate on not one but two fragrances with another perfumer hundreds of miles apart.

    Moustafa and I have been in contact for well over a year now. We talk about future releases, converse about samples sent to each other for tips and ideas on what to add or subtract, and even bought a bunch of oud and florals together. We even buy each other's fragrances and attars for our own personal collections. He is a truly incredible character in this industry and it's a pleasure working with him.

    We started to discuss this collaboration around December of 2023 and since then it's been off to the races. We knew of course great things don't come overnight so we planned for a release early summer and because of that we wanted to gear the release towards the summer heat. With the thought of summer in mind one simply doesn't sweat through their clothing and keep it on all day so we decided to create 2 releases and thus the concept was created.

    As the months flew on we sent dozens upon dozens of packages with multiple different versions of each fragrance back and forth to each other. We tried different Ouds, different regions of the same florals and even different musks and ambergris to see which fit best. There was no compromise whatsoever only the best materials were used to fit the composition. We were getting closer and finally we were both head over heels for both of them.

    Day & Night are meant to occupy any occasion during their respective times. Whether wearing Day to the beach or pool or even swinging it to the office it's meant to be crisp, smooth, mouth watering, and an easy enjoyable wear. Same for Night if worn to a dinner, a night out, or even staying in with your significant other to kick back it's the perfect scent for these warm summer nights with illusive depth and darkness. I can truly say that both concepts have been executed to perfection and I couldn't be happy with either of them.

    As for pricing each fragrance will be released with a presale price of $515 per 30ml bottle and if both are purchased the total comes out to $999 until July 18th where the prices will increase to $616 a bottle. Each fragrance is extremely limited and they both will definitely never be created again. You can truly feel the love and dedication that went into each perfume with every spray! We hope you enjoy them both as much as we enjoyed this beautiful process.

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Our Ingredients


The scent of dark labdanum is multifaceted, combining woody, earthy undertones with a hint of balsamic sweetness. Its rich amber notes are often described as having a touch of animalistic qualities, which adds a sensuous depth to the fragrance. This deep resinous tone is also accented with subtle hints of spices and a mild, smoky quality.


Extracted from the sap of the Commiphora myrrha tree, myrrh’s scent is deeply earthy and woody, with subtle spicy and slightly sweet undertones. The fragrance of myrrh is often described as having a slightly medicinal quality, which is both soothing and invigorating. This characteristic is complemented by its smoky notes, which add a layer of complexity and mystique to the aroma. The overall profile is resinous and intensely aromatic.


Hay has a distinctive, sweet, and earthy aroma that evokes the pastoral charm of open fields and rustic barns. It carries a warm, dry, slightly herbal scent with nuances of grass and a hint of sweetness, akin to the smell of fresh-cut grass mixed with a more mellow, sun-dried richness. This natural, comforting fragrance is reminiscent of late summer and early autumn, when hay is traditionally harvested and stored.


The scent is characteristically deep and aromatic, imbued with an earthy sweetness and a woody, slightly smoky undertone. This luxurious and robust fragrance component evokes the image of aged, cured tobacco leaves, exuding a natural, rustic charm. Tobacco carries hints of dried fruits and spices, adding layers of depth and intrigue to the scent. It can be reminiscent of leather, adding a luxurious and masculine quality.

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

Fact 1

Myrrh in ancient history was a highly valuable commodity used for its medicinal, perfumery, and ceremonial purposes. Myrrh was so prized in ancient times that it was worth its weight in gold. It was one of the three gifts presented to the newborn Jesus by the Wise Men, symbolizing its significant cultural and spiritual value. In addition to its use in religious rituals, myrrh was widely utilized in the mummification process in ancient Egypt. It was chosen for its powerful preserving and aromatic properties, helping to prevent decay and mask odors. The resin was also a key ingredient in Kyphi, an ancient Egyptian incense and medicinal remedy believed to have various therapeutic benefits, including relieving pain, soothing nerves, and promoting healing.

Fact 2

Tobacco has a historical use as a currency. During colonial times in America, particularly in Virginia and Maryland, tobacco was so valuable that it was frequently used as money. Settlers and colonists would trade tobacco for goods and services, and it even served as a means to pay taxes. This practice highlights the enormous economic importance of tobacco throughout history, beyond its well-known uses for smoking and chewing. Moreover, tobacco has deep cultural and ceremonial significance among many indigenous peoples of the Americas, who have used it in rituals, medicine, and as a diplomatic gift. These traditional uses of tobacco respect its power and consider it a sacred plant capable of connecting the physical and spiritual world


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