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Chocolate holds a cherished place in various cultural traditions and rituals. From ancient Mesoamerican civilizations like the Aztecs and Mayans, who revered cocoa as a sacred gift from the gods, to European aristocracy, where chocolate was a symbol of luxury and indulgence, its cultural significance is profound. Its allure transcends mere taste, intertwining with cultural, social, and even psychological aspects of human experience.

Similarly, deer musk has held great significance in various cultures and civilizations. In ancient times, it was revered as a precious commodity, valued for its perceived aphrodisiac properties and its association with luxury and status. Musk has been used in traditional medicine, incense rituals, and religious ceremonies across different cultures, symbolizing purity, sensuality, and spiritual enlightenment.

In the process of creating this blend dozens of chocolate extractions were tested time and time again to decide upon the best. Some were clear in color and scent, others didn't smell like chocolate at all. But one stood out and has the perfect aroma of fresh molten dark chocolate.
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When it came down to deciding which musk to use the decision was fairly easy. The semi sweet and slightly creamy profile of Mongolian Musk compliments this blend perfectly. 

CoCo Musk starts with a blast of bitter dark chocolate like unraveling the best single origin chocolate bar, enhanced with a slight spice from the nutmeg to create that just roasted cacao bean scent. The French oakwood adds the start of the boozy but together with the bushman's candle help to bring some lift to allow that deep dark chocolate to open and bloom. 

Towards the Heart and Base the bitter dark chocolate starts to smooth out and transforms into a beautiful milk chocolate with help from the French vanilla and balsam of Peru. English Oakwood has a scent like sticking your head into an empty whisky barrel. It adds a beautiful spiced, woody, and of course alcoholic scent however this time its more prevalent. 

Intertwined through your journey in this blend is the Co-Star of the show, Mongolian Deer Musk; a very hefty dose of it as well. Not only was the usual maceration amount added, extra grams of grains were thrown in as well! But wait there's more! we also added our first Mongolian musk tincture in there as well for extra measure. So to say the least there is a metric ton of musk in this blend. 

Only 15 bottles were made in this batch and each bottle will come with tiger eye stone plates on the side.

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Size: 15ml

French Oakwood, Black Ambergris, Bushman's Candle, Nutmeg

Cacao, English Oakwood, Opoponax, Black Tea, Tobacco, Balsm of Peru

French Vanilla, Cardamom, Benzoin, Thai Oud, Tonka, Mongolian Musk, Indonesian Sandalwood


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