At a colossal 40% concentration, Day is a symphony of scents, an olfactory masterpiece that captures the essence of long, sunlit days and the promise of endless, balmy nights. This fragrance is a celebration of summer’s spontaneity, its beauty, and its multifaceted nature, evoking a sensory journey through lush landscapes and seaside escapades. read more

At the first spritz, Day awakens the senses with an exhilarating burst of top notes. The tangy zest of Japanese yuzu and pink grapefruit introduces the fragrance with a sparkling clarity, an ode to the fresh mornings of summer. These citrus notes mingle with the sweet, velvety softness of bright apricot and the refreshing coolness of lime blossom, crafting an opening that is as invigorating as the first light of dawn stretching across a clear sky. This is not a dark leathery apricot but a surreal true to life scent of a freshly ripened one.

As the initial freshness settles, the heart of the fragrance unfurls, revealing a rich tapestry of floral and spicy notes. The deep, intoxicating aroma of Jasmine sambac and the delicate beauty of white ginger lily weave their spells, enveloped in the creamy, lush embrace of ylang ylang. This floral mélange is beautifully juxtaposed with the subtle spiciness of ginger and star anise, adding a layer of intrigue and exotic allure. Lavender and geranium lend their herbaceous, green nuances, evoking images of dew-speckled gardens and wildflower meadows warmed by the sun.  But the star of the show in the heart notes is the scent of gardenia. The balance between the Columbian gardenia bright and shiny and the ginger with its spice compliment one another perfectly. In fact, it enhances the gardenia to create an experience of sticking your nose straight into the bloom.

Transitioning smoothly into the base notes, Day settles into a warm, sensual embrace that lingers long into the twilight hours. Indonesian sandalwood and cedar create a woody, earthy foundation. The inclusion of Port Cedar and fir adds a robust, resinous depth. Mongolian musk introduces an element of the profound and mysterious, its rich, animalistic notes grounding the fragrance with an enduring warmth. Now let's talk about the Wild Malaysian Oud, with its woody nuances, infuses the base with a luxurious complexity. Each 30ml bottle contains just about 2 grams of Wild Malaysian Oud. Honeyed sweet, resinous, cola vibes one of my favorite ouds! 

The unique addition of strawberry gum offers a touch of fruity sweetness. Enhancing this complex foundation are the mystical notes of frankincense and blue cypress. These elements combine to create a base that is not only lasting but also deeply transformative, guiding the wearer from the vibrant joy of day to the reflective calm of evening.

Day is a journey through the richness of summer, encapsulated in a bottle. Every note is carefully chosen and balanced to reflect the season's full spectrum—from the dewy, bright mornings to dusk. It invites the wearer to embrace the warmth, to revel in the beauty, and to remember the fleeting, golden moments that summer brings.

Whether worn on a bustling city day or a tranquil beach getaway, Day promises to be a constant, delightful companion, enhancing every encounter with its radiant, life-affirming presence. It is not just a perfume but a celebration of life’s warmest season, an eloquent expression of all that summer has to offer.

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Bergamot FCF, Japanese Yuzu, Pink Grapefruit, Lime Blossom, Apricot, Mango Leaf, Brown Ambergris

Rose Bourbon, Lavender, Geranium, Jasmine Sambac, Ylang Ylang, White Ginger Lily, Gardenia, Coconut

Indonesian Sandalwood Shavings, Frankincense, Blue Cypress, Ginger, Star Anise, Fir, Port Cedar, Cedar, Wild Malaysian Oud, Mongolian Musk, Strawberry Gum, Jade Wood





Wild Malaysian Oud

Mongolian Musk

Brown Ambergris


Our Process

  • The story behind Day & Night

    Creating a scent is a difficult process. It takes creativity, dedication, a vision and the means and ability to execute them. It goes without saying that a lot of trial and error takes place during the process and a lot of beautiful, rare, and expensive material gets tossed out in the process. With all that in mind it's even more difficult to collaborate on not one but two fragrances with another perfumer hundreds of miles apart.

    Moustafa and I have been in contact for well over a year now. We talk about future releases, converse about samples sent to each other for tips and ideas on what to add or subtract, and even bought a bunch of oud and florals together. We even buy each other's fragrances and attars for our own personal collections. He is a truly incredible character in this industry and it's a pleasure working with him.

    We started to discuss this collaboration around December of 2023 and since then it's been off to the races. We knew of course great things don't come overnight so we planned for a release early summer and because of that we wanted to gear the release towards the summer heat. With the thought of summer in mind one simply doesn't sweat through their clothing and keep it on all day so we decided to create 2 releases and thus the concept was created.

    As the months flew on we sent dozens upon dozens of packages with multiple different versions of each fragrance back and forth to each other. We tried different Ouds, different regions of the same florals and even different musks and ambergris to see which fit best. There was no compromise whatsoever only the best materials were used to fit the composition. We were getting closer and finally we were both head over heels for both of them.

    Day & Night are meant to occupy any occasion during their respective times. Whether wearing Day to the beach or pool or even swinging it to the office it's meant to be crisp, smooth, mouth watering, and an easy enjoyable wear. Same for Night if worn to a dinner, a night out, or even staying in with your significant other to kick back it's the perfect scent for these warm summer nights with illusive depth and darkness. I can truly say that both concepts have been executed to perfection and I couldn't be happy with either of them.

    As for pricing each fragrance will be released with a presale price of $515 per 30ml bottle and if both are purchased the total comes out to $999 until July 18th where the prices will increase to $616 a bottle. Each fragrance is extremely limited and they both will definitely never be created again. You can truly feel the love and dedication that went into each perfume with every spray! We hope you enjoy them both as much as we enjoyed this beautiful process.

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Our Ingredients


The scent of apricot is delightfully sweet and warmly fruity, with a soft, lush quality that captures the essence of summer. Its aroma is rich yet not overpowering, characterized by a gentle nectarous sweetness reminiscent of fresh, ripe fruit just picked from the tree. Apricots have a slightly floral undertone that adds a touch of delicacy to their robust sweetness. The fragrance often carries hints of honey and a subtle tartness, which balances the sweetness and adds complexity to the overall aroma.

Columbian Gardenia

It features the traditional gardenia's signature notes of creamy white flowers and adds a slightly green and leafy nuance that enhances its freshness. This makes the scent both opulent and vibrant, enveloping the senses with a luxurious floral bouquet.


Ginger offers a scent that is vibrant, sharp, and invigorating, encapsulating the spice's lively and pungent nature. The aroma of ginger is distinctly warm and spicy, with a peppery edge that can tingle the senses. It carries a slight lemony freshness, contributing to its bright and energetic profile, which makes it highly distinctive. Its zesty and slightly woody undertone provides a great lift and can be a beautiful complement to both citrusy and floral notes, enhancing their vibrancy. Ginger's scent is also known for its soothing yet stimulating qualities.


Originating from East Asia, yuzu's fragrance is a captivating blend of tart and sweet, combining elements reminiscent of grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin. The aroma is intensely zesty and fresh, with a tangy sharpness that invigorates the senses. The scent of yuzu is more subtle and refined than that of its citrus relatives, characterized by delicate floral notes and a slight hint of pine, which adds depth and richness to its primarily bright and lively citrus aroma. Its elegant, effervescent scent is ideal for creating fragrances that evoke clarity, renewal, and zestful energy.

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

Fact 1

Ginger was so highly valued for its medicinal properties and flavor that it was one of the first spices to be exported from Asia during the spice trade. It eventually made its way to Europe, where it became a staple in medieval cuisine and was also used to prevent the plague. Additionally, ancient Chinese sailors would chew on ginger to alleviate seasickness during long voyages, showcasing its effectiveness as a natural remedy for nausea and motion sickness.

Fact 2

Apricots were originally cultivated in China more than 4,000 years ago. This ancient fruit made its way through the Persian Empire and into the Mediterranean via the Silk Road, becoming a staple in many cultures' cuisines. Additionally, apricots were so revered by the Greeks and Romans they referred to them as "golden eggs of the sun," a testament to their luscious, sun-ripened flavor and vibrant golden-orange color. This poetic name reflects both the fruit's visual appeal and its rich, sweet taste that has been cherished through the ages.


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