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Fresh Powder
Fresh Powder


Fresh Powder


I've been working on a powder scent for a long time now, in fact Imperial Soap started as a way to build a powder accord but i then took it into a different direction. However Fresh Powder is the baby powder scent I've been working for. Its delicious creamy, powdery, and semi sweet. Besides the wonderful florals used to create this powder scent there are some special ouds in there as well! Some Yellow Kinam and Tigerwood both new aged distillations! This blend requires all of its parts to come together as one for the powder note to truly shine. Oakmoss, Orris, Rose, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Labdanum, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, civet, and Oud! Allow this powder to warm you up when you're hitting the slopes or sitting cozy by the fireplace! read more

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Ylang Ylang, Rose

Orris, Oakmoss, Lavender, Civet

Labdanum, Vanilla, Mongolian Musk, Sri Lankan Sandalwood, Yellow Kinam, Tiger Wood

Ylang Ylang








Mongolian Musk

Sri Lankan Sandalwood

Yellow Kinam

Tigerwood Oud


4 Step Process

A little insight into the creation of Fresh Powder

  • Step 1: Powder Accord

    Creating an accord is difficult. You are essentially trying to recreate a scent by mixing many different ingredients to replicate it. Since we use only natural distillations there is no powder essential oil. So I tried combining the ingredients with the most powdery qualities such as ylang ylang, Turkish rose, orris, oakmoss, labdanum, and vanilla. Together these notes at the right percentages create a gorgeous baby powder type scent.

  • Step 2: Bringing life to powder

    Now that the powder accord is ready I wanted to bring an umph to the blend something to round it all off. Lavender added a slight freshness and a fresh laundry scent. Civet was also added to transform the florals to their best selves. Civet is a natural floral magnifier enhancing the best scents from the ylang ylang and rose.

  • Step 3: Its all about the Oud

    We have a special blend of 2 different regions of oud in this blend. Yellow Kinam with its honeyed note enhances the vanilla and bolsters the sweetness from the powder every so slightly. While the tigerwood plays with the oakmoss with a dark earthy scent.

  • Step 4: Mongolian Madness

    Mongolian Musk was the obvious last touch to this beautiful blend rounding off the sweet nuances as well as the powdery ones. It was the perfect touch to an already perfect scent.

Our Ingredients

Ylang Ylang

The aroma begins with a bright, fresh top note that is slightly reminiscent of jasmine, making it vibrant and uplifting. As it unfolds, ylang ylang reveals its lush, creamy heart, exuding rich floral notes that are deep and somewhat seductive. The fragrance carries subtle undertones of banana and rubber, which add an exotic and slightly tropical dimension to its profile. The scent of ylang ylang is complex, featuring a unique blend of floral, sweet, and slightly fruity notes with hints of spice and custard.


The scent of oakmoss is deeply complex and multifaceted, characterized by a rich, earthy, and woody aroma with a slightly damp and musky undertone. It has a natural, forest-like freshness, evoking the dense, moist undergrowth of a forest floor. This natural earthiness is often described as having leathery and mossy notes, which add depth and a touch of mystery to its profile.


The initial note of civet can be somewhat overpowering and off-putting to some due to its fecal and urinous overtones. However, when properly diluted and blended in minute quantities within a fragrance composition, civet imparts a warm, rich, and deep musky character that can add an alluring and exotic dimension to a scent. It has a unique ability to round out floral and spicy notes, giving them a lush, velvety quality.

Yellow Kinam

Distinguished by its sweet, honeyed notes that intertwine beautifully with a deep, rich woodiness. The scent of Yellow Kinam Oud is soft yet profound, featuring warm and sweet nuances reminiscent of honey and dried fruit, combined with a delicate, velvety floral undertone.

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

Fact 1

A fun and intriguing fact about ylang ylang, which is renowned for its lush and aromatic flowers, is its traditional use in wedding ceremonies in parts of Asia, such as Indonesia and the Philippines. The flowers of the ylang ylang tree are often spread on the bed of newlywed couples on their wedding night. This practice stems from the belief that the sweet and sensuous aroma of ylang ylang flowers has aphrodisiac properties, which can enhance the romantic and intimate atmosphere.


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