Lola's Lemonana


Lola's Lemonana


Lola's Lemonana is a fragrance that embodies the zest of life with its vibrant and refreshing essence, evoking the effervescent spirit of sun-drenched hot days. Crafted to be an easy reach, this fragrance is a harmonious blend of citrus, floral, and exotic notes, each meticulously chosen to captivate and invigorate the senses. read more

At the heart of Lola's Lemonana lies a dazzling array of citrus notes. Pink grapefruit opens the scent with its sharp, juicy sweetness, immediately uplifting and bright. Bergamot adds a slightly spicy and mildly bitter edge, complementing the grapefruit with its sophisticated, aromatic profile. Lime and bitter orange inject a burst of tangy freshness, creating a lively and irresistible opening that sparkles with energy. Cedrat, a less common citrus fruit, rounds out the citrus medley with its light, lemony aspect, adding depth and a hint of green, fruity zest.

As the initial citrus burst mellows, spearmint emerges, infusing this fragrance with a cool, minty freshness that bridges the transition to the more subdued and lush floral heart. This mint is uniquely paired with a rose and sandalwood mint co-distillation, a novel element that intertwines the minty freshness with the creamy, rich sweetness of rose and the woody depth of sandalwood. This combination creates a soothing yet invigorating middle, setting the stage for the more complex and nuanced base notes.

The floral journey continues with blue lotus and gardenia, each adding their own exotic and intoxicating aromas. Blue lotus offers a delicate, aquatic floral scent with a hint of earthiness, enhancing the composition's mystical appeal. Gardenia contributes a sour, velvety layer, sharp and opulent, enveloping the wearer in a floral embrace.

The introduction of apple provides a crisp, fresh twist, echoing the initial zest but softening into the more profound and sensual base notes. Here, the blend reveals its underlying complexity and warmth. Mongolian deer musk and wild Sri Lankan oud create a foundation that is deeply animalistic and richly woody, offering a touch of the wild, untamed aspects of nature. These are complemented by civet, which adds a potent, musky earthiness, intensifying the fragrance’s allure and sophistication.

Blue cypress anchor the fragrance with its smooth, resinous warmth and distinctive, aromatic woodiness. Ambergris brings a subtle salty sweetness that enhances the other elements, adding a dimension of depth and longevity. Blue cypress rounds out the scent with its fresh and clean notes, grounding the exuberant citrus and florals with an echo of the forest.

Lola's Lemonana is more than a fragrance; it is an olfactory journey from the zestful citrus groves through scented floral paths to the deep, shadowy woods. It is a scent designed for the dynamic individual, a perfume that captures the essence of nature’s diversity and beauty, and creates an easy to wear super enjoyable fragrance. This perfume is an invitation to explore nature where the vibrancy of life is celebrated, and every moment is infused with possibility.

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Pink Grapefruit, Bergamott, Lime, Orange Bitter, Cedrat, Civet, White Ambergris

Spearmint, Rose, Blue lotus, Gardenia, Apple

Sandalwood Mint co-distillation, Mongolian Deer Musk, Wild Sri Lankan Oud

Pink Grapefruit



Orange Bitter




Blue Lotus



Sandalwood Mint co-distillation


3 Step Process

A little insight to the creation of Lola’s Lemonana.

  • Step 1: Citrus

    Getting all the correct citrus in the right amounts was a difficult challenge. Don't want it to fall into one single scent category with either the Lime or Grapefruit taking over but just the right balance. I chose Pink Grapefruit for its delicious mouth watering scent, Bergamott for its fresh clean vibe almost woody in nature, Lime for its sharp sour taste and scent, Orange Bitter for a touch of that citrus bitter peel scent, and the king of Lemons for its unique scent creating the perfect lemonade for this blend.

  • Step 2: Spearmint

    After visiting a friend I was told about the last of his sandalwood co-distillation with a plethora of different kinds of mint and knew I had to purchase it. Luckily I did because it was the perfect addition to this blend cutting through the citrus along with spearmint absolute and creating an enormous scent bubble.

  • Step 3: Floral

    Blue lotus and Gardenia were chosen because of how they compliments both the dominant scents. Blue Lotus helping with the depth of the mint and adding a meditative quality. Gardenia refining the citrus and helping the citrus longevity.

Our Ingredients


Cedrat, also known as citron, is a large fragrant citrus fruit that is similar to lemon but larger and with a thicker, bumpier skin. The scent of cedrat is highly aromatic, often described as being more intense and concentrated than that of a regular lemon. It combines a brisk, refreshing citrus top note with subtle green and floral nuances, making it a unique and complex citrus fragrance.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit has a vibrant, zesty, and refreshing scent that is distinctly more aromatic and sweeter than its yellow counterpart. It emits a lively citrus fragrance with a nuanced blend of sweetness and a subtle tart undertone. The aroma of pink grapefruit is often uplifting and invigorating.


Bergamot itself offers a bright and slightly spicy citrus aroma, characterized by its crisp and clean top notes with subtle floral and bitter nuances. Has a touch of fresh and clean almost like a clean laundry scent.


Spearmint has a refreshingly crisp and vibrant scent, and is a beloved aromatic herb in the mint family. Its fragrance is characterized by a sweet, cool, and distinctly minty aroma with clean and bright nuances, making it lighter and slightly sweeter compared to its cousin, peppermint.

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

Fact 1

Cedrat, also known as citron, is one of the original citrus fruits from which many other citrus types are thought to have been hybridized. Unlike more common citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, cedrat has a very thick, rough skin and only a small amount of acidic, flavorful pulp inside. It’s more commonly used for its zest or as a candied fruit rather than eaten fresh.
Historically, cedrat was highly prized in the Mediterranean for its medicinal properties and as a perfume ingredient due to its strong, aromatic peel. The fruit was even used in ancient times for Jewish ritual purposes during the Feast of Tabernacles, and this tradition continues today.

Fact 2

Historically, spearmint has been used for centuries not only as a flavoring agent but also for its medicinal properties. In ancient times, spearmint was used by the Romans to help prevent milk from spoiling and to freshen their drinking water during long travels. It was also believed to be a remedy for hiccups and sore gums. Today, spearmint is still widely appreciated for its refreshing flavor and aroma, and it's a popular choice in culinary applications, personal care products, and aromatherapy.


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