Oud of Oz
Oud of Oz


Oud of Oz


Get ready to be transported to a dream land, your not in Kansas anymore! Oud of Oz is as its name describes, a gorgeous pairing between Osmanthus and Oud. While there are a lot of notes in the blend they're mostly supportive. In perfumery when osmanthus is listed you can usually expect a semi sweet fruit leather and an almost dry aged apricot scent. but with this release you will experience the bright side of osmanthus. instead of an aged apricot you will enjoy a ripe fresh nectar dripping peach! At first spray you will be hit with that blast peach emphasized by the osmanthus, star anise, rhododendron, and Japanese yuzu. The heart notes provide lift and longevity to the osmanthus/peach scent as well as a touch of sweetness. Unlike many of my other releases this blend contains no musk maceration, instead I used a clean aged Mysore sandalwood! Finally the co-star of the show Karas Utama v2 Oud, a gorgeous wild Malaysian oud. read more

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Osmanthus, Star Anise, Rose Otto, Japanese Yuzu, Green Cognac, White Ambergris

Negilla, Jasmine Sambac, Rhododendron, Blue lotus, Magnolia

Karas Utama v2, Aged Mysore, Lavender, Cedar, Labdanum, Patchouli


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