Sultry Sambac


Sultry Sambac


Introducing Sultry Sambac, a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of nocturnal allure through an opulent symphony of scents. This luxurious perfume is designed for the bold and confident wearer who revels in the mysteries of the night and the allure of the exotic. Crafted with meticulous care, Sultry Sambac blends traditional sensuality with modern sophistication, creating a timeless aroma that mesmerizes and captivates. read more

At the heart lies Jasmine Sambac, known for its intoxicatingly rich, floral fragrance. This central note sings a sultry melody of seductive sweetness, complemented by the elegant and noble presence of Rose. The rose adds a classic, velvety depth, enhancing the jasmine’s bright, euphoric qualities. Together, these floral giants create a passionate dance of scents, evoking the lush, fertile tropics where beauty and danger coexist.

Adding to the tropical allure, Frangipani provides a creamy, light floral sweetness, which blends seamlessly with the floral heart. Its lush and welcoming scent invokes images of paradise islands bathed in moonlight. Lavender introduces a contrasting, herbaceous clarity to the composition, cutting through the sweetness with its crisp, calming freshness. This combination ensures that Sultry Sambac is not only deep and mesmerizing but also refreshingly sophisticated.

Further enriching this fragrance are notes of Blue Lotus and Linden Blossom. Blue Lotus offers a mystical aquatic quality—a subtle, ethereal touch that invites the mind to wander in dreamlike fantasy. Linden Blossom adds a soft, honeyed floral note, enhancing the bouquet with its warm, affectionate embrace. These floral nuances are exquisitely layered over the base.

The base is a rich tapestry of exotic woods and rare essences. Mysore Sandalwood provides a creamy, woody backdrop, known for its soothing qualities and its ability to blend harmoniously with floral and musky notes. Wild Thai Oud adds a rare, precious woodiness with a slightly animalistic edge, enhancing the fragrance's complexity and depth. This woody duo is joined by Red Champaca, which contributes its tea-like, floral spice, infusing the composition with an aura of mystery.

To deepen the allure, Sultry Sambac includes notes of French Vanilla, Brown Ambergris, and Siberian Deer Musk. French Vanilla wraps the scent in a delicious, cozy warmth, adding a gourmand flair without overpowering the sensual floral theme. Brown Ambergris offers its rich, earthy marine notes, adding an addictive, salty contrast that enhances the fragrance’s longevity and sillage. Siberian Deer Musk, a note of legendary status in perfumery, adds an underlying strength and animalic depth, anchoring the fragrance with its powerful, primal call.

Sultry Sambac is a fragrance that transcends time and place. It is both a celebration of nature’s most enchanting scents and a masterpiece of perfume artistry. Each spritz invites the wearer into a world where the exotic becomes intimate, and the night blooms with possibilities. Ideal for the evening, this perfume promises not just to scent the skin but to adorn it in a cloak of seduction.

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Turkish Rose, Brown Ambergris, Linden Blossom

Jasmine Sambac, Frangipani, Lavender, Blue Lotus

Mysore Sandalwood, Siberian Deer Musk, Champaca, Wild Thai Oud

Brown Ambergris

Jasmine Sambac

Turkish Rose



Blue Lotus

Linden Blossom

Mysore Sandalwood

Siberian Deer Musk


Wild Thai Oud


3 Step Process

  • Step 1: Sweet + Fresh = Seductive?

    Creating this blend required the right balance between categories to combine them into its own. Using Sweet florals like Jasmine Sambac, Frangipani, and Champaca against fresh florals like lavender, linden blossom, and blue lotus creates a seductive melange.

  • Step 2: A little touch of sweet

    A tiny amount of French Vanilla was added to open up these florals and allow them to blend into one another instead of trying to stand out on their own. But just a touch otherwise the vanilla will multiply the sweetness from the florals dramatically.

  • Step 3: Choosing the right animalics

    Siberian Musk was chosen because of its intensity as well as its cozy scratchy fur coat scent. It adds the perfect aphrodisiac to the blend sexifying the scent. Brown Ambergris was chosen because of its tenacious and musky qualities as well.

Our Ingredients

Jasmine Sambac

The scent is often described as exotic and sensual, lending a lush, romantic vibe to fragrances. It also offers a captivating fragrance renowned for its rich and intoxicating qualities. This floral scent is profoundly sweet, yet carries a fresh, green undertone that sets it apart from the heavier base notes of other jasmine species.


Lavender is celebrated for its distinctive, clean, and fresh fragrance that encapsulates a harmonious blend of floral, herbal, and woody notes. The herbaceous quality of lavender is crisp and slightly camphorous, which can have a cooling effect. This makes lavender not just pleasing to the senses but also refreshing. The woody undertones provide a subtle rustic warmth that grounds the fragrance, enhancing its relaxing properties.


A highly revered floral note in perfumery, celebrated for its deeply exotic and captivating scent. The fragrance of champaca flowers is complex, featuring a rich, intense floral aroma that is both sweet and spicy.

Linden Blossom

This fragrance is celebrated for its light, fresh, and clean scent, which carries subtle herbaceous and honeyed notes. The overall profile is soothing and somewhat reminiscent of mild, sweet herbal tea.

Blue Lotus

The scent is often described as having a soft, powdery, and somewhat aquatic nuance, which adds to its mystical allure. There are also hints of spice and a slight fruitiness giving it a complex and layered fragrance profile. This makes Blue Lotus a luxurious and exotic addition to perfumes, particularly those aiming to convey a sense of serenity and spirituality.

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

Fact 1

The champaca flower holds a revered place in Indian traditions and is often used in religious rituals and ceremonies. Its petals are considered pure and auspicious, making them a popular offering in temples.
Moreover, the champaca flower is also a favorite in Indian weddings, where its strong, sweet scent is believed to bring joy and prosperity to the newlyweds. The tree itself is often planted near temples and is associated with romance and eternal love in Indian folklore and poetry, enhancing its cultural richness beyond its botanical beauty.

Fact 2

A delightful fun fact about linden blossom is its historical significance in European folklore and traditional medicine. The linden tree, from which the blossoms are harvested, has been revered across many cultures in Europe as a sacred and protective tree. It was often planted in the center of towns and villages where community gatherings and celebrations would take place under its broad, sheltering branches.
In folklore, the linden tree is associated with love and peace. For instance, in Germanic mythology, it is considered the tree of lovers. Judgments and oaths taken under a linden tree were especially esteemed, as it was believed to inspire fairness and truth.
Furthermore, linden blossoms are not just known for their sweet, calming scent but also for their health benefits. They have been used in traditional European medicine to make teas that help alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation. This makes the linden blossom a symbol of community, love, and health, deeply intertwined with the cultural and natural history of Europe.


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