White Out v2
White Out v2


White Out v2


White Out is a blend I first made for myself just at the tail end of last year. I wanted something easy to wear, crowd pleasing (yes I know with naturals and animalics that can sometimes be hard to produce), as well as something that fits with any season. I chose Gardenia as the main note because to me it fits all those categories while still remaining unisex, clean, and fresh. The Colombian Gardenia was chosen for its sharp veracity while the Chinese Gardenia was used for its fruity sweet fruity aspects and to extenuate the pineapple note in specific. read more

The Magnolia Fits in perfectly to add a very very slight sweet white floral punch. The White Ginger Lily adds a damp, green, and freshness to the overall blend keeping the sweetness from the magnolia intact while also keeping the gardenia tamed. I went with White Ambergris for this blend to keep it light and airy as well as a Siberian Musk because I wanted to highlight the raw tartness from the gardenia.

Last but certainly not least Wild Filipino Oud. A gram of this Oud would easily retail for $800 and I can honestly say, since this region is a favorite of mine, that this is probably the best smelling oud I've used in a blend to date. And happy it went into one of my personal favorite blends White Out!

White Out was created to show the pure essence of the Gardenia flower. Each note added highlights the structure of the flower from the Wild Filipino Oud to the White Ginger Lily. While this may seem like a simple blend together these notes evolve into a deep ever so gorgeous composition.

You can say it’s a ghalia gardenia or even a private blend or maybe even a signature scent and all of those would be true. White Out is very special to me and I hope you all like it as much as I do. Short Description: Fresh, Clean, Pineapple.

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Gardenia Columbia, White Ginger Lily, White Ambergris

Magnolia, Gardenia China

Wild Filipino Oud, Indonesian Sandalwood, Siberian Musk

Gardenia Columbia

White Ginger Lily

White Ambergris


Gardenia China

Wild Filipino Oud

Indonesian Sandalwood

Siberian Musk


4 Step Process

A little insight into the creation of White Out.

  • Step 1: Picking the right florals

  • Step 2: Adding the right Nuance

  • Step 3: Wild Filipino Oud

  • Step 4: Siberian Musk

Our Ingredients


Magnolia is a captivating and elegant fragrance that is both sweet and complex. It exudes a creamy, lush floral aroma, with a richness that varies slightly among different species. The scent of magnolia flowers is often described as lemony or citrusy with a hint of vanilla, adding to its distinctive and intoxicating profile.

White Ginger Lily

The aroma of white ginger lily is complex, featuring a creamy and green profile with notes that are reminiscent of honeysuckle. It combines these sweet floral elements with a subtle, fresh spiciness, and some slight forest scent that distinguishes it from other floral scents, adding an intriguing depth. The overall effect is both soothing and stimulating, creating a balanced and appealing fragrance.

Indonesian Sandalwood

This variety of sandalwood is often compared to Indian sandalwood but tends to have a slightly different profile, characterized by a more robust and earthy aroma. The scent of Indonesian sandalwood is deep and exotic, featuring a soft, milky, and smooth woody essence with hints of balsamic and a subtle spicy undertone. It is less sweet than its Indian counterpart but shares the same calming and grounding properties.


It features the traditional gardenia's signature notes of creamy white flowers and adds a slightly green and leafy nuance that enhances its freshness. This makes the scent both opulent and vibrant, enveloping the senses with a luxurious floral bouquet.

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

Fact 1

Our Columbian Gardenia is currently being studied for its medicinal properties related to heart health! We are waiting for the study to be published to post these amazing results!

Fact 2

Magnolia flower is among the oldest flowering plants on Earth, with fossils dating back over 100 million years. This means that magnolias existed alongside dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period. Unlike many modern flowers that rely on bees and butterflies for pollination, magnolias evolved to attract beetles, which were abundant long before bees appeared.
The structure of magnolia flowers is adapted to these ancient pollinators; they have tough carpels which are resistant to damage by the eating and crawling actions of beetles. This ancient lineage makes magnolias not only a link to the floral past of our planet but also highlights their incredible adaptability and survival through vast geological changes.


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